A perfect alchemy of experience and kindness

About Us

Cédric Faugeras | Producer

Producing means working when the teams are resting, planning before doubt sets in. Cédric's vision of production is in line with his personal values. Human relations are his priority. He will do everything in his power to help you fulfil your every wish.

Olivier Torion and Léon Guerin | Line Producers

As the orchestral leaders of a project, they are often defined by their ubiquitous qualities. Straight out of the cinema, Olivier is a man of the terrain. With more than 300 projects under his belt, nothing scares him any more. In his view, working hard but with a smile is no utopia. Léon is our Passe-Partout! He's always got the right contact, which opens all the doors. He knows our 2,500 locations and their owners like the back of his hand. Thanks to his experience with some of the biggest names in photography, he has become a cornerstone of the Contisud structure.

Our history

Cedric Faugeras was finishing his film apprenticeship in Paris when the winds of fashion caught him at the latest Yves Saint Laurent fashion show at Beaubourg. A choreography of stars, models and photographers, and there he was, caught up in production fever.
On his return to the South, it was the aura of Peter Lindbergh that shaped iconic images before his eyes. Contisud was born a few years later, and has since become a key player in visual production in the south of France and around the Mediterranean, as well as in Thailand, Argentina, Brazil and India. Travelling is another of Cédric’s great passions, and he is a tireless globetrotter. He will be bringing along two other production directors, Léon Guerin and Olivier Torion, assisted by Kathleen and Giulia, their two operational pillars. From their home ports of Montpellier and Nice Côte d’Azur, the team criss-crosses the globe with semi-trailers of furniture, a mobile construction workshop and a 4X4 lorry.

Our job

We support producers and content creators at every stage of production, from the first sketch to the final shot: optimising budgets, location scouting, equipment hire, setting up technical teams, accommodation and catering, anticipating needs throughout the working day. Teams dedicated to each project, with a constant eye for detail and comfort for all.

Our commitments

Our caring and exacting standards are built into every stage of production, so that every shoot or photo session is stress-free, respectful of the needs of everyone involved and preserving the majestic environment that the South of France has to offer.