Contisud Family

producer, location scout, DOP, set designer, make-up artist... our xxl network at the service of visual creation

A unique network of talent

Our teams

Our work begins with first sketches by a creative and ends long after the assistant director has finished. Our productions are like rigorous choreographies, with the arrival on the scene of multiple participants who have to be guided, organised, pampered and reassured.

The optimisation of an estimate, the involvement of the location manager, the caution of the rippers, the calmness of the camera assistant, etc. are all ingredients of a well-crafted script. We combine the expertise of old hands with the enthusiasm of the young, men and women contributing their sensibilities in equal measure, combining their quest for detail.

When our service providers say “Contisud is my family” over and over again, it’s impossible for us to limit our commitments to customer satisfaction. We are also proud to include all our teams in this cocoon of benevolence that surrounds our productions.

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Olivier & Léon | line producer

Cédric | Producer

Benoist | location scout

What does the ideal location look like? Benoist answers this question with exclusive, never-before-seen addresses. For years he has criss-crossed the world in search of the perfect place, elegant or wild, sophisticated or raw, shaped by man or hidden by nature. His favourite spot is the one he'll find tomorrow.

Brice | Gaffer

The man in the shadows... the last straw for an gaffer. Since dawn, Brice and his groupman silently unwind miles of cable on the roof of a building or at the foot of a wild beach, finally savouring this moment of ON and the light dazzling the set.

Giulia | Production coordinator

How many synonyms are there for the word link? Giulia uses them all: knowledge, relationship, connection, liaison, coherence, etc. Simultaneous calls and double espressos are part of his daily routine to ensure that every production is smooth and happy. But beware: behind his permanent smile lies the temperament of a master sergeant. With Giulia, there is no turning back.

Gaby | Production assistant

He has a walkie-talkie slung over his shoulder, an eye on everything and everyone. Whether it's the temperature of the Rooibos or the sunburn of the AD, Gaby manages everything. Even the craziest requests (a zebra to find for tomorrow) or the most outlandish playlists.

Thomas | Location manager

His musical tastes are debatable but he is a fabulous stage conductor. Watch him charm a Director of Cabinet or secure a stretch of road, move 50 people on 3 different sets in the same day or set up a platform on a sheer cliff. Did you say impossible?

Pierre | Animal trainer

Good actors need to be loved, cuddled and guided. Especially if they have four legs or feathers on their backs. Pierre is an animal trainer, but above all he loves film and photography. So don't be surprised if you come across him on Avenue de la République with his ostrich or on a beach in Cape Town stroking a lion.

Louis | Photo assistant

He opens at 5.6 at 500 In the morning, from Nice to Perpignan, with a smile on his face, the latest Alpha VII in hand and its 5 optional lenses. Introducing Louis, the one, the only, the first on the list of photographers' requests. Don't forget to ask for a loyalty card next time.

Dany | Set deisgner

There's always an artist in the gang. Meet Dany, the unclassifiable. His life is made up of colours, materials, volumes and a healthy dose of good humour to find the essential accessory or build the dream decor. He also shoots fireworks, but only on Saturday nights.

Olivia | Hair make Up artist

Olivia is more of a theatre fan than a red carpet glitterati. When the Avignon Festival isn't luring her away in the summer, she's regularly on advertising shoots like the other members of the Contisud Glam Team (manicure, wigs, FX make-up).

Bastien | Grip

Look for the top athlete in the Contisud teams. The sportsman. The one who pushes his dolly under the scorching sun or fights against the elements to stretch his blacks. Bastien, qualified for the cinema Olympics

Lucas | Précision driver

A precision pilot, yes, capable of doing 20 takes of a controlled skid on a stony road in the Cévennes, at the wheel of an expensive Aston Martin without a scratch. Shall we go for a ride with Lucas?

Agnès | Casting director

Agnès loves people, faces and beauty. She has ten years of experience in film and advertising, and is connected to all the modelling and acting agencies. Above all, she is a tireless squatter in the streets and on the terraces, spying on people's looks, gestures and attitudes to unearth talent that is not being seen.

Mathieu | Caméra assistant

Another young person who spends his life behind screens. With his nose on his combo, he tracks down the slightest technical flaw, the tiniest imperfection. He is not an idler, but rather fussy.

Tom | Digital operator

At 500 GB a day, Tom is on a high-calorie diet before throwing himself into his kite surfing at dusk in the ponds of Camargue..

Giuliana | Stylist

Wearing little make-up, an Ami t-shirt and Hermès flip-flops, Giuliana prefers to go for natural chic. For herself. But her culture of costume means she knows all about the Marie-Antoinette and Woodstock styles. Are we going for the Napoleon/Balenciaga look?

Nico | Blocker

He has the best playlist in the team. His only condition is to spend entire nights awake, dancing along clear golf courses or, more often, around the production trucks when teams are asleep.

Ahmed | Ripper

Second top-level athlete in the Contisud team. He doesn't talk much, doesn't comment on images, there is no time, too much work. He has to unload a 30m3 truck before lunch.

Walter | Drone pilot

Looping, circling, diving... Walter has mastered the tricks to perfection, ybut he hates flying. And yet he's the best drone pilot in the south.